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Success Stories: Contact Centre Operations with Hugh Quigley

Success Stories Series: Contact Centre Operations with Hugh Quigley

Published By: Jessica Morrison

“I’ve been promoted” are words, I am sure everyone wants to hear at some stage in their careers. That is unless you are totally happy with where you are in your career path, and don’t wish to advance into a promotion, that’s ok too!

However, those words came from one of our former Contact Centre Operations Students, who was and is still keen to grow and develop in his current company.

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, we haven’t been able to get out to meet current and former students and hear about their time with us but we managed to get speaking remotely with Hugh Quigley, a former Level 2 and 3 Contact Centre Operations student at our Derry-Londonderry branch. Here he shares his experiences with us:

“I am currently a Development Specialist working in Firstsource - I have been with [them] for the past 5 years.” He starts. Hugh has made an incredible growth over his time at Firstsource and talks us through the various roles he has been doing and how he got there…


“I started as an Advisor on the phones, [then I transferred onto being] a floorwalker and moved to the Training Team.” Hugh’s interests include reading, travelling and socialising, so you could say being in a role where communication is key, was a suitable choice for him.


Benefits of completing a course to compliment your career:

  • Challenge yourself – enhance your skills and knowledge you learn on the course and transfer them onto your job role;
  • Gain confidence by putting your knowledge into practice;
  • Work towards a promotion – by being more qualified and experienced in your sector, you are in a better position to negotiate a pay rise or promotion;
  • Meet new people – with face-to-face or virtual study times, and mix with likeminded people.


We went onto asking Hugh a couple of quickfire questions...


Why did you choose Rutledge and Contact Centre Operations?


“I chose Rutledge because they allowed me to develop further, their level 2 and 3 courses on Contact Centre Operations gave me a greater understanding of the key tenets of my [current] job. One area [in particular] it helped with was Performance Management.  It helped me to move up the ranks to the position I currently [am doing - I train new agents to the Sky team], in this role, I am tasked with training new starts to be confident in their job roles."

What achievements have you got since doing the course?

“Since the completion of the course, I have trained people in the banking and telecommunications sectors. I have also completed secondments working as a Team Leader.”


What advice do you have for those completing the courses, or thinking on completing a course?

For those thinking of completing these courses, I would wholeheartedly advise to do so! They do help in understanding your role [in this particular sector better].


Judy and Jenny (Derry/Londonderry based tutors) are brilliant and offer all the support needed for the course, they really explain the key concepts well and are with you every step of the way.


To find out more about Contact Centre Operations at our Derry/Londonderry branch, please get in touch with our Branch or have a chat with our Course Advisor via email

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